2M External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable - M/M

2M External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable - M/M

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  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
  • Manufactured by: StarTech
  • Model: SCSI33ARRAY6
  • Availability :In Stock

2m MALE-TO-MALE  External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable

  • Brand: StarTech
  • Part #:  SCSI33ARRAY6
  • Specs:-
    • Supports all SCSI speeds including the new U3W 160 MBps protocol
    • Ferrite core eliminates EMI interference
    • Maximum Cable Length: 6M
    • Connectors:
      • Connector A: 1 - VHDCI (68 pin, Mini-Centronics) Male
      • Connector B: 1 - HPDB68 SCSI-3 (68 pin, Half-Pitch, IDC68) Male
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 (one) Tekmart warranty

Key points to note:-

  • This  2M VHDCI 68 Male to Micro 68 Male SCSI cable is designed to connect RAID cards to external high speed SCSI peripherals.
  • The VHD68-HPDB68 SCSI cable works with U2W and U3W SCSI speeds and is built with double shielded twisted pair impedance-matched wire for data integrity and smooth, flawless operation of the SCSI peripherals it connects.

Typical application environments:-

  • Connects external 68 pin SCSI3/LVD devices or drives to a RAID card that uses the VHDCI 68 pin connector

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