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Reasons to only buy and use Cisco Qualified (Certified) Memory on Cisco UCS Servers.

Cisco UCS servers use only dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) that Cisco carefully selects, qualifies, and screens. Each DIMM must pass extensive hardware, software, and manufacturing tests to make sure it meets the highest standards and can perform reliably in Cisco UCS servers. Cisco UCS teams use only qualified DIMMs to optimize system design, firmware, and software development.

Not all memory modules are created equal, and memory parts that have not been qualified by Cisco can result in issues and faults that can be difficult to trace to the DIMM itself.

For each server CPU, Intel always tests and validates enterprise-class DIMMs from various DRAM vendors. Cisco further carefully selects and qualifies DIMMs from Intel’s tested and certified DIMMs. DIMMs that do not meet Cisco standards may also fail to meet Intel’s DIMM certification criteria for its CPUs. In fact, DIMMs that Cisco does not qualify are often specifically rejected by Cisco vendors for one of many reasons and are sold to other suppliers on the gray market at a reduced price.

Here are three reasons to use only qualified memory on Cisco UCS servers.

1. Nonqualified (certified) memory can cause DIMM and server damage.

The industry has diverse requirements for memory, and what may seem to be an equivalent DIMM from one vendor may be vastly different from another vendor’s. Physical and electrical differences in DIMMs can result in immediate or eventual damage to the DIMM or server. In many cases, both the DIMM and the server are damaged when using memory that has not been qualified by Cisco

2. Cisco UCS warranty policy is void with nonqualified (certified) memory.

Because of the severe technical problems inherent in using nonqualified DIMMs with Cisco UCS servers, Cisco cannot provide field and warranty support for nonqualified DIMMs or Cisco UCS servers that use those DIMMs. Cisco support may require users to replace any nonqualified memory with qualified memory prior to providing support.

3. Cisco UCS Manager is not compatible with nonqualified (certified) memory.

Cisco UCS Manager and other Cisco and partner management software cannot inventory, monitor, and manage nonqualified DIMMs. Cisco UCS Manager can inventory, monitor, and manage only DIMMs qualified by Cisco.

Contact Tekmart on 0861 711 712 (within RSA) or +2711 027 6793 (international) and our consultants will gladly assist you in choosing the correct Certified Cisco memory modules for your server.

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