Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 Media Convergence Server MCS 7800 3.4GHz

Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 Media Convergence Server MCS 7800 3.4GHz

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  • Shipping Weight: 10kg
  • Manufactured by: Cisco
  • Model: MCS-7825-H2-IPC2
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Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 Media Convergence Server MCS 7800 3.4GHz 2GB 2x 80GB

Specification of this server:

This is a Refurbished Cisco Media Convergence Server with Part #: MCS-7835-H2 74-4485-02

  • Brand: Cisco
  • Model  : MCS-7825-H2-IPC2
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 90-day  1 (one) year Tekmart warranty


  •      1 x 3.40GHz Pentium D SL95V Processor
  •      2x 1GB RAM
  •      2 x 80Gb SATA 7.2k Hard Drives SP/N: 397551-001
  •      1 x 450w Power Supply
  •      DVD-ROM Optical Drive

Key points to note on these MCS 7800 servers:-

  • <<  The Cisco MCS 7825-H2 Media Convergence Server is a powerful platform for Cisco Unified Communications applications and others.
  • <<  It occupies only 1 rack unit (1RU) while providing the features most requested in a server platform at a very economical price point.
  • <<  The Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 server is reliable, industrial-strength, and designed for professionals who crave plenty of storage space and long uptime.
  • <<  It  is a great option when you wish to increase your computing power. Researchers and programmers alike appreciate the hardware and construction of the Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 server.
  • <<  This server includes 1.95 GB of DDR2 SDRAM enabling you to enjoy enhanced throughput whether serving up databases, Web services, or shared file storage solutions.
  • <<  The Cisco MCS-7825-H2-IPC2 server allows you to crunch numbers, analyze data, and deliver digital music with blazing speed with its ultra-fast 2.8 GHz Pentium processor.
  • <<  It also sports a rack-mountable design, so you can install it in a back office or computer room with relative ease. In addition, the 80 GB hard disk featured on this server enables you to delight in having a large amount of space for productivity software, search indexes, and digital archives.

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