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Excellent Service

* The service I got from TEKMART and especially Peter, was way above my expectation. I was assisted with a part of one of our servers that not even...

Interposer Boards

What are these?

An interposer is an electrical interface routing between one socket or connection to another. The purpose of an interposer is to spread a connection to a wider pitch or to reroute a connection to a different connection.

An example of an interposer would be the adapter used to plug a SATA drive into a SAS backplane with redundant ports. While SAS drives have two ports that can be used to connect to redundant paths or storage controllers, SATA drives only have a single port.

Directly, they can only connect to a single controller or path. SATA drives can be connected to nearly all SAS backplanes without adapters, but using an interposer with a port switching logic allows providing path redundancy

Think of Dell PN939 / HP592 SATA Interposer board, Figure 1 below, for usage with CC852 trays / caddies to be used with SATA / SATAu Hard Drives in Dell PowerEdge 2900, 2950, 6900, 6950 Servers and PowerVault MD1000 and MD3000 Storage Arrays, as a practical example.

Figure 1: An example of an interposer board. Dell PN939 / HP592 SATA Interposer board available and in stock at Tekmart Africa.

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