Fibre Cables

A technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves. ... Fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables.

Fibre Cables

For example, Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a cabling technology that accepts same electrical inputs as a traditional copper cable, but uses optical fiber “between the connectors”. AOC uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the cable ends to improve speed and distance performance of the cable without sacrificing compatibility with standard electrical interfaces.

Figure 1: The following sample picture shows a 40Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly.single-mode-active-optical-cable-assembly

Take a even closer examination and we can see that the active optical cable (AOC) assembly is actually composed of 4 functional parts.

  1. The “High-density QSFP+ connector”. This is the SFF-8436 electronic connector which can be plugged into a router or switch.
  2. The “4-Channel full-duplex active optical cable transceiver”. This optical transceiver is embedded inside the shell so you cannot see it. This optical transceiver part is responsible for opto-electro (O-E) and electro-opto (E-O) conversion.
  3. The MPO optical connector (the black part). This connector is permanently attached to the shell and fiber. This permanent attachment shields the optical interface from the end user and also from environmental contaminants.
  4. The ribbon optical fiber cable (this picture shows a yellow jacket single mode fiber, but multimode fiber models are also available).

The above product has four single mode fiber optic transceivers per end, each operating at data rates from 1 to 10.3125 Gb/s and supporting a reach up to 4,000 meters. This active optical cable is electrically compliant with the SFP+ interface and supports InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Myrinet, and other protocols.

So the basic idea of AOC is to embed the active optical transceiver components into the electronic connector instead of using separate optical transceiver and pluggable fiber cable. (since the cable is permanently attached).

There is a more fundamental reason for the invention of AOC products. This is explained in the following section. Read more..

038-003-503 EMC 2.1M SFP To HSSDC2 4GB Fiber Channel Cable

EMC 2.1M SFP To HSSDC2 4GB Fiber Channel Cable 038-003-503 Brand: EMC EMC 038-003-503 Rev A03 2.1m SFP To HSSDC2 4Gb Fibre Channel Cable Part... more info

038-003-509 EMC HSSDC To HSSDC 2M Cable Symmetrix Dell RAID

038-003-509 - EMC 2M HSSDC2 to HSSDC2 SFP Fiber Channel Optical Network Cable Brand: EMC EMC Part #: 038-003-509 Length: 2M Condition: New ... more info

038-003-732 EMC 3M LC-LC Fibre Cable

EMC 3 Meter OM3 LC to LC 50 m optical Cable Part #: 038-003-732 Brand: EMC Part #: 038-003-732,11849-1910-4129 Specs:-  ... more info


IBM 5M LC-LC FIBERCABLE FRUs:19K1252 19K1263  Brand: IBM Part #: 19K1263, 19K1252 Specs:-        ... more info

470-10645 5M LC-LC Multimode Optical Fibre Cable (Kit)

5M LC-LC Multimode Optical Fibre Cable (Kit)-Part #: 470-10645 Brand: Dell Part #: 470-10645 Specs:- Connector 1: male Connector 2:... more info
AF551A HP 5M LC TO LC Multi Mode Fiber Channel Cable Kit

AF551A HP 5M LC TO LC Multi Mode Fiber Channel Cable Kit

R1,049.50  R884.93
HP 5m Fiber-Optic Short Wave Multimode Interface Cable 50um Core 125um Cladding HPN: 263895-003 Brand: HP Part... more info

AJ837-63002 HP 15M LC/LC OM3 10GB FC CABLE

R1,185.30  R918.85
HP 491027-001 15M LC/LC OM3 10GB FC Cable AJ837A, AJ837-63002 Brand: HP Part #: AJ837-63002 Alt. Part #: 491027-001, 003313-0535, AJ837A... more info

HP AJ836A 5M LC/LC OM3 Fibre Cable 491026-001, AJ836-60001

HP AJ836A 5M LC/LC OM3 Fibre Cable 491026-001, AJ836-60001 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is a genuine  HP 5M LC/LC OM3 Fibre Cable  Brand: HP... more info


QK733A HP PREMIER FLEX LC/LC MULTI-MODE OM4 2 FIBER 2M CABLE Brand: HP Part #: QK733A Condition: New Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty ... more info

SCST09DYE2 FO cable 9/125 um OS1 Duplex 2 m Yellow

Fiber Optic  cable 9/125 um OS1 Duplex 2 m Yellow, AFL Hyperscale Part #: SCST09DYE2 Brand: Generic Part #: SCST09DYE2 Specs:- ... more info

X66250-15 NetApp 15M OM4 LC LC Fiber Patch Cable

Call for Price
NetApp 15m OM4 LC-LC Multi-Mode AFF-A200A Cable Brand: NetApp Part #: X66250-15, AFF-A200A Specs:-        Network... more info

ZL60625MLDF Tyco 5G XO Active Optical Cable 15m OFNP CX4 TO QSFP

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Tyco Electronics 5G X-O Active Optical Cable-15m - OFNP CX4 TO QSFP Part #: ZL60625MLDF Brand: Tyco Part #: ZL60625MLDF Specs:-  ... more info

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