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Memory - Enterprise Server | All

Are overpriced OEM memory options wasting your organization's IT hardware budget?

At Tekmart Africa, we won’t.

We’ll take you behind the closed doors of the memory industry. Here you can buy the same exact RAM installed in servers at the factory. Even though memory labels say Cisco–truth is, Samsung and Hynix manufacture the module.**

A memory module is a circuit board that contains DRAM integrated circuits that are installed into thememory slot on a computer motherboard. Below is an image of a 16gb  computer memory module and the most common type of memory used today.

Computer memory is any physical device capable of storing information temporarily or permanently. For example, Random Access Memory (RAM), is a volatilememory that stores information on an integrated circuit used by the operating system, software, and hardware.

Server ram can be error correcting (ECC) or non-ECC. With the current quality ofRAM, ECC is losing ground. The other difference is Registered/buffered RAM. This allows servers to access more ram due to the lower electrical load on the memory controller.

Here's a schematic showing the difference between ECC and Non-Ecc ram and how to differentiate between the two.

Image result for server memory vs ram

**The memory module (RAM) is responsible for how fast applications run, and how efficient the computer or server is at managing multiple or bigger applications. There are many different kinds of memories, for example you can find DIMMs, SODIMMs, memory expansions, DRAM memories, memory kits, and many more in our selection. We offer a selection of RAM from various manufacturers, such as SUN, HP, IBM, Dell, EMC, just to mention a few.

Browse our selection below, and when you have found the part you need, you can buy it whenever it is convenient for you.

Our online store not only provides information about availability and price, but also makes ordering much quicker and convenient. The majority of our RAMs are used. All used parts went through the refurbishment process in our warehouse upon arrival.

We offer high quality refurbished EOL equipment with quick delivery, and a free warranty of one year on most products. We stock a wide range of OEM and compatible memory modules. Feel free to contact our sales team who will gladly assist in helping you select the right modules if in doubt,**

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