Drive Adapters and Converters

With hard drives and solid-state drives constantly changing, you might find it necessary to upgrade or convert your old drive to work with newer technology. Our wide range of drive adapters makes it easy to:

  • Convert or adapt your hard drive or motherboard interface for optimal use and system storage integration
  • Take advantage of the latest mSATA or M.2. NGFF SSDs for optimal performance and wide form-factor compatibility

At Tekmart Africa we stock a variety on a whole range of these adapters and convertors. Contact us if unsure of the correct adapter or convertor you might need for your project. Our support team will gladly assist.

**These products may have some hours of usage due to system build time / burn-in / testing etc. New Pulls are guaranteed to have at least 95% (often 99%) of their service life remaining , they may show signs of being physically mounted and dismounted. **

Drive Adapters and Converters

M.2 Drive to U.2 (SFF-8639) Host Adapter for M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs

M.2 Drive to U.2 (SFF-8639) Host Adapter for M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs This PCI Express M.2 to U.2 adapter makes it easy to install an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD... more info

SATA to USB Cable with UASP

Portable SATA to USB Adapter Cable | SATA III 6Gbps for 2.5" SSD or HDD - USB 3.0  This SATA to USB cable is an external drive... more info

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