Dell PoweVault Drives

PowerVault is a line of data storage and backup products from Dell.

Managing the relentless growth of application data can strain IT organizations, whose strategic roles have expanded even in the face of contracting budgets. The Dell PowerVault MD 3200/3600/1200 Series of storage arrays address these challenges with versatile solutions that are optimized for smaller-scale storage consolidation, flexible virtualization projects and high business continuity.

The PowerVault MD 3200/3600/1200 Series includes high-performance SAN and direct-attached storage arrays, high-capacity expansion enclosures and robust management software that together deliver exceptional flexibility, scalability and value. To help suit your particular business requirements, MD 3200/3600 Series arrays offer iSCSI, Fibre Channel or SAS technology.

If you're looking for powerful drives for your Dell PowerVault storage(s) that have been tested for reliability, then Tekmart has it all! If you're looking to ensure all your essential data is safe and secure, choose one of the many drives we offer. We have top brands including Dell, HP, and Seagate,IBM,Seagate,Hitachi, Maxtor, Western Digital,Sandisk, Samsung among others. Each of our drives match up to its individual manufacturer standards.

Additionally, our refurbished drives have been tested for quality by our certified technicians to assure that you are getting the best and most reliable drive option. All of our Solid State, SATA, and SAS drives come with our standard 90-day Tekmart warranty. If you are unsure about which drive would be best for your company's system, our team of experts are here to help.

Figure 1: A sample example of a Dell PowerVault storage system; Dell PowerVault MD3420, where these drives by Tekmart Africa  are implemented in a production environment.

Dell PoweVault Drives

00J77H Dell 1.8-TB 12Gb 10K 2.5 SAS w/G176J

00J77H Dell 1.8-TB 12Gb 10K 2.5 SAS in caddy G176J Description: Dell 1.8TB 2.5-inch (SFF) Serial attached SCSI (SAS) 12Gb/s 10K 512n Gen 13... more info

014X4H Dell 3-TB 6G 7.2K 3.5 SAS with 0F238F caddy

Dell 3TB 6G 7.2K Lff Sas Hard Drive DPN: 014X4H,14X4H This is a genuine and certified Dell 3TB 3.5-inch LFF SAS 6Gb/s 7.2K RPM 512n Nearline SAS... more info

08JRN4 Dell 900-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SAS in G176J tray / sled /caddy

Dell 08JRN4 SAS 6Gbps 900GB 10K RPM HDD Description: Dell 900GB 2.5-inch SFF SAS 6Gb/s 10K RPM 512n Dual Port (DP) Enterprise (ENT) Hot-Plug... more info

CM318 Dell 146-GB 10K 2.5 SP SAS with Part No G176J caddy

CM318 Dell 146-GB 10K 2.5 SP SAS with Part #: G176J drive caddy Description: Dell 146GB 2.5-inch (SP) (SFF) Serial attached SCSI (SAS) 3Gb/s... more info

Dell 0K366T 500-GB 7.2K 3.5 SATA with F238F Sled/Caddy

 0K366T Dell 500-GB 7.2K 3.5 SATA w/F238F Family:   Dell SATA 3.5" LFF Hard Drives in Dell 3.5" F238F Trays ... more info

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