External Portable SSDs

A Portable SSD sets the standard for speed, capacity, durability and connectivity. Store data safely and move it wherever it’s needed. Reduce downtime with blazing-fast read/write speeds of up to 450MB/s, up to 4x faster than traditional external hard drives (HDD).

These portable SSDs are less than half the size of your smartphone and delivers up to 4x the speed of a portable hard drive. Get to work in seconds, transfer big videos and photo libraries at up to 450MB/s — a speed that portable hard drives can only dream about. 

Designed for durability and style, these drives are amazingly compact and has no moving parts to break. Solid state technology offers reliable, responsive, high-performance storage for data center professionals who capture and carry lots of big installation set-up system files.

External Portable SSDs

ASD600Q-240GU31 Adata SD600Q Series 240GB Ext. SSD USB 3.2 DriveASD600Q-240GU31 Adata SD600Q Series 240GB Ext. SSD USB 3.2 Drive
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ASD600Q-240GU31 Adata SD600Q Series 240GB Ext. SSD USB 3.2 Drive

Adata SD600Q Series 240GB External SSD USB 3.2 Drive (Black) Model: ASD600Q-240GU31 Brand: ADATA Model: ASD600Q-240GU31 Specs:- ... more info

MU-PA250B/AM Portable SSD T5 250GB

SAMSUNG T5 250GB 2.50" USB 3.1 V-NAND Portable SSD Model: MU-PA250B/AM Brand: Samsung Model: MU-PA250B/AM Specs:-   :: ... more info

MU-PC500K/WW Samsung T7 TOUCH USB 3.2 500GB (Black) Portable SSD

  Black Samsung T7 TOUCH USB 3.2 500GB Portable SSD Model: MU-PC500K/WW Brand: Samsung Model: MU-PC500K/WW Specs:-  ... more info

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