HP Intel Xeon X5450 3GHz Quad Core LGA 775 1333Mhz Processor

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Intel Xeon X5450 3GHz Quad-Core @ Core 2 Quad Q9650 LGA 775 1333 MHz FSB CPU

Product Information

  • The Intel Xeon X5450 3.0 GHz quad-core processor is a powerful, early generation Intel CPU that hit the market in late 2007 but can still handle most data intensive tasks and software processes with ease. Belonging to the Harpertown family of Intel CPUs, the Xeon 5450 3.0 GHz is among the first processors that came out with multiple cores.
  • Intel Xeon X5450 3.0 GHz CPUs use the 45nm processes and supports LGA771 socket-type motherboards. Since this is a multi-core processor, it still delivers exceptional performance for desktops computers for businesses and personal use. What powers the superior performance of the Intel Xeon X450 3.0 GHz processor is its four cores that has 12 MB L2 of cache with a bus speed of 1333 MHz FSB.
  • This line of Intel processors has FSB parity with a voltage range of 0.850V-1.3500V. At this level of performance during its generation, it gave out a decent thermal design power or TDP of 120 watts.
  • Being one of the early four-core CPU types also made the Intel Xeon X5450 3.0 GHz processor an ideal choice for servers during its generation. The Intel Xeon X5450 3.0 GHz quad-core processors also set the standards for several benchmarks during its heyday.
  • The X5450 processor was also one of the first to introduce a 64-bit architecture, which allows the hardware and the whole computer system to address more than 4 gigabytes of memory.
  • At its price range, the feedback on the X5450 as late as 2015 still highlights the processor’s speed and efficiency. To some degree, you can also modify the X5450 to fit into different sockets such as the LGA775.
  • Despite being an early multi-core CPU, the Intel Xeon X5450 also comes with a host of features that also make this processor a steal. The X5450 has a Intel Virtualization Technology, which is a technology that allow the processor to handle long streams of data smoothly and efficiently.
  • This CPU is already capable of going into an idle state when no applications are running, which contributes to its energy efficiency and reduces the heat it generates.
  • The Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, Intel Demand Based, Switching and Intel Thermal Monitoring Technologies further contribute to this CPU’s low energy consumption and thermal output.
Product Specifications
Brand Intel
Part # 462593-L21

Product Key Features

Processor Type Xeon
Socket Type Socket J, Socket 771
Additional Product Features
Tdp 120W
Product Type Processor Upgrade
Multi-CORE Technology Quad-CORE
Processor Model Intel Xeon X5450
Bus Speed Fsb SPEED-1333MHz
L3 Cache 12MB
Platform Compatibility PC
L2 Cache 12MB
Processor Quantity 1
Installed Size L2 12MB (2x6MB (6MB Per CORE Pair) )
Compatible Slots 1X Processor
Clock Speed 3GHz

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