N5694 Dell PowerEdge SC1420 PERC U320 SCSI RAID Controller

N5694 Dell PowerEdge SC1420 PERC U320 SCSI RAID Controller

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  • Manufactured by: Dell
  • Model: N5694,0N5694
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Dell OEM PowerEdge SC1420 PERC U320 SCSI RAID Controller DPN: N5694,0N5694

  • Brand: Dell
  • Part #: N5694,0N5694
  • Specs:-
  •        Form Factor: MD2
  •        Low-profile MD2 form factor for high-density servers
  •        Type: SCSI RAID Controller
  •        Controller Interface: U320 SCSI
                   320 MB/s burst rate per channel
  •       Supported Devices :SCSI Hard Disk Drives
  •       No, of SCSI Channels:
  •               Two Independent SCSI Channels (Dual Channel (Two External, one Internal))
  •       PCI Bus Interface: 64 bit, 66 MHz PCI
                  PCI Standard 2.2
  •       SCSI Connectors: 
  •               Internal: One High Density 68-pin
                  External: Two Very High Density 68-pin
  •       Compatibility: Dell PowerEdge SC1420 servers
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty

Key points to note on these N5694 Dell raid cards:-

  • <>  This is a genuine Dell original PERC U320 SCSI RAID Controller for the Dell PowerEdge SC1420 Server systems with Part #: N5694,0N5694
  • <>  DELL PERC 320/DC is an affordable advanced-featured, microprocessor-based card.
  • <>  This is actually an Adaptec SCSI RAID 2200S card customize made for Dell, it is an affordable advanced-featured, microprocessor-based, Ultra320 SCSI RAID card in a low-profile form factor-making it ideal for mid-range and high-density servers and workstations.

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