Samsung 128GB 2.5 MLC SSD MMCRE28G5DXP-0VB SATA Hard Drive

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  • Manufactured by: Samsung
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Samsung MMCRE28G5DXP-0VB 128GB 2.5" MLC SSD SATA Hard Drive

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model #: MMCRE28GFDXP-MVB
  • Condition: New
  • Form Factor: 2.5 inch
  • Interface: SATA
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty

Overview of this SSD:

High-Performance, Low-Power Storage Device for Mobile PCs is Light, Rugged and Reliable

Samsung’s Multi Level Cell (MLC) Solid State Drive (SSD) is an advanced NAND flash-based solution for traditional storage, leveraging the company’s longtime leadership in memory technology.

  • This next-generation solution offers several advantages over rotating magnetic media such as significantly lower power consumption, remarkable ruggedness, high reliability, less weight and outstanding performance.
  • The S.S.D. system is currently selling as an alternative high-end storage device for notebooks by many major PC manufacturers.
  • The 64-gigabyte model surpasses a key storage threshold for business users; according to surveys, this is adequate storage for approximately 80% of professionals.
  • The SSD’s weight is almost 25% less than that of a conventional hard drive, thus further increasing easy system portability.
  • The device also uses significantly less power—about 0.41W in operational mode and 0.24W in standby mode. This gives users up to 10% more battery life.
  • The drive currently comes in SATA II or PATA versions and in 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch form factors.


This MLC Solid State Disk (SSD) is compatible with all laptops.

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