Best service I have ever received from a Tech Company

Best service I have ever received from a Tech Company

What can I say about the guys over at Tekmart. Simply amazing company and service. I have been in the IT industry for over 20 years and NEVER have I come upon service delivery like this. I stumbled across these guys on google searching for parts for my servers and I am so thankful I did. All the parts that I needed were first tested in labs using my exact servers by Kobus and his team before confirmation was sent to me of what I needed. Peter delivered the parts to me the very same day the order was placed. Yes, people to my door, the same day. Over the next few days on upgrading these servers, Peter was at my office 4 times trying different solutions and Kobus testing on his side without charging me a cent for their time. Tekmart and these two gentlemen are serious about their clients and I can not thank them enough for what they did. For the time, passion and dedication to us as clients and making sure we are happy. They went far over what was expected.

This is priceless. Thank you.

Testimonial By: Shaun Le Roux  — Johannesburg, South Africa — PerryHill International Trading (Pty) Ltd
Wednesday 17 July, 2019